AI has become a big selling and marketing hook that many lightning detection companies are touting as a way to provide lightning prediction for their customers. Don’t be fooled! These companies are not predicting, they are forecasting or guessing on where lightning will strike, utilizing delayed lightning detection networks. Their claims are intentionally, or ignorantly misleading.

Beginning in 1973, Thor Guard started learning from our archived electrostatic data, gathered by our unique systems, to predict lightning instantaneously within three to five miles from our sensors. By the very definition of AI, Thor Guard has been using AI for over 50 years to ingest, analyze, then create algorithms to accurately predict lightning from all forms of storms. Scientifically, the only way to predict lightning is to have a local sensor gathering the earth’s electrostatic energy migrations in a specific area surrounding the sensor. Our TG 360 samples each second one-hundred-seventy thousand times, assuring that we see every atmospheric electrical particle movement. Unlike all detection-based companies that forecast lightning, Thor Guard predicts lightning. Our advanced technology can also predict severe storms and tornadoes without using NOAA watches or warnings.

Please do not be fooled by misleading claims from our competition claiming they predict lightning or use some magic AI to do the same. Only Thor Guard predicts lightning, and we have more than 50 years of data and experience bolstering our claims and resulting position as the leader in lightning and severe storm prediction.